Integrate for your Dynamic users / pages

Integrate a ground for each of your yours or web pages
If you have an application / website with various users, categories that are dynamically created or added, like if you're a online artist or an online event platform, you can integrate amGround to enable all your users have their own unique one automatically by the below steps:
  • Contact us to whitelist your platform/IP address. Link

If you can identify the admin when loading the 3D

  • If you can identify if a user visiting the 3D is an admin follow the below steps:
  • Allocate a section / page for every user and embed the below link to it
<iframe src="{username}?isAdmin=true&referredBy={your referral code}" style="width:100%;height:100%"> </iframe>
  • Follow the below parameters for settings
  • Value: boolean (True/false)
  • Description: Indicates if the user loading the 3D is the admin. default is false
  • Value: string
  • DescriptionThe unique identifier of the account owner of this page, not the user ID of the person visiting. follow the below format: yourWebsiteDomainName_ID like: example.com_12345
Value: string Description: obtain this from your account under Profile
  • value: boolean (true/false)
  • Description: enables or disables the audio feature in the app